At last, my campaign

All I need to say, is being said in the above link. Please care about that.

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Some Progress

The process of moving to Armenia is yet to be done. I’ve founded a company in there and the car campaign is going to be announced in there. The decision was made after some thought. The possibility of financial connection has been provided, for example people can send micropayment through this page:

It seems I can receive them by, … however I plan to launch the car campaign at Indiegogo, hopefully several days later …

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Fund Self-powered Hybrid Car that Runs by Air & Electricity

Self-powered Hybrid Car that Runs by Air & Electricity

I want to save the world, please be my helper!

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My Plan to Build a Wormhole – YouTube Presentations

Hey All,

Maybe we are close to launch a serious, practical action to realize my theory. Although, there are still so much work to do, but every journey starts from the first step. I am now a member of YouTube and watch what I intend to express in there!





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NASA’s Kepler Mission Confirms Its First Planet in Habitable Zone of Sun-like Star


a significant stuff, liked some comments of the Yahoo! News, my favorite news website in English, … what comes next? big question is how could we go there? the answer …, readers of this blog exactly know the answer …

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My Hybrid Car Plan

I’ve worked on a plan of a hybrid car for about a year. My intention was to help the environment, in particular the weather of Iran where we suffer from its pollution. I started a review on the existing possibilities and I found out the electric vehicles are interesting options. So I focused on removing their flaws and I reached to the present document. I hope to improve it by the help of experts. Also I like a company or person would determine to build it; because I cannot by myself. I’m just a man of theory without any equipments. However, I will keep contacting to active companies about my plan with the hope of realizing it someday. If this plan would gain attention from the people who care about the environment and future of the planet, that would be a contribution of mine to the world.
You can download my plan, a 60-pages PDF file from one of these links:
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Hybrid Automobile, with Two Propulsions of Electricity and Compressed-air

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Hole in the sky: Europe, Canada and Russia at risk as continent-sized ‘second hole’ in ozone layer opens over the Arctic

The ozone loss over the Arctic was so severe this year that for the first time a ‘hole’ in the ozone layer, similar to the one over the Antarctic, appeared.

At a level of around 13 miles above the ground, 80 per cent of the ozone was lost, potentially exposing people on Earth’s surface to harmful ultraviolet-B rays from the sun, which can cause sunburn and skin cancer.

The loss happened not because of increased use of ozone-destroying chemicals – now banned, and rarely used – but because cold high-altitude weather made the existing chemicals ‘more active’.


What goes around, comes around … even after a long time …

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